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Welcome to the REALationSH!T Devotional Reflection journal, your transformative guide through the messy, beautiful world of relationships. With humor, insight, and a dash of sarcasm, this journal empowers you to navigate love, heartbreak, and personal growth. Embrace laughter, celebrate triumphs, and find solace in shared experiences. Get ready to color your way to authentic connections!

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THURSDAYS @ 10PM EST: Because who wouldn’t want to spend their evenings chuckling about the absurdities of dating and the reality of marriage?


Calling all married truth-tellers of REALationSH!T and those seeking purposeful REALationships


Ragan Lynch and Toni Marek take you on a wild ride through the emotional theme park of relationships.

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Navigating the Clogs and
Emotional Overflow of
Dating & Marriage

Love is a lot like pizza: when it's good, it's really good, and when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

- Mindy kaling

Meet the Fearless Guides
Steering You Through Love's Twists and Turns

Team REALationSH!T

Ragan Lynch


Meet Ragan Lynch, a woman with a wealth of experience in the world of relationships. As a writer, entrepreneur, and devoted mother of four, Ragan has navigated the twists and turns of love with resilience and grace.

A three-time open heart surgery survivor, Ragan‘s strength and perseverance have prepared her to conquer the woes of dating heartbreak.

After confidently strutting out of her marriage with no regrets and embracing singlehood, she’s still figuring things out but remains a hopeless romantic who believes in the power of love and its ability to heal and transform.

Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and enlightened as Ragan shares her journey to finding authentic connection and embracing the beauty of vulnerability – and helping you to not step in some sh!t along the way.

Toni Marek


Introducing Toni Marek, a multifaceted force in the realm of love and relationships.

As a loving wife, dedicated mother, and proud cat owner, Toni expertly balances family life with her creative passions.

Despite her unempathetic nature, she finds humor in the quirks of life’s challenges and thrives on the unexpected.

A romance novel writer by day and an AI extraordinaire by night, Toni’s diverse skill set brings a fresh perspective to the world of dating and marriage.

With her sharp wit and contagious laughter, Toni is prepared to provide invaluable insights and a generous helping of humor. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of emotions, discoveries, and amusement as Toni graces the stage!